H1b stamping documents | h1b visa stamping process

H1b stamping documents

These are the mandatory h1b stamping documents. Try to keep all possible documents with you. You can make two file. In one file keep all mandatory h1b stamping documents and in another file keep all other optional documents.

  1. Passport -> Current passport and all the previous passports in original. 
  2. Original h1b approval notice (i797A or i797B).
  3. Form i129 (H1b application).
  4. H1b LCA copy
  5. All your educational degree
  6. i-20s form(if any) in original forms.
  7. OTP card(if any)
  8. EAd card (if any)
  9. Visa appointment letter.
  10. DS160 form copy.
  11. If possible carry recent 6 months paycheck otherwise 3 months paycheck is fine. 
  12. If possible carry recent 6 months bank statement otherwise 3 months is fine.
  13. If it is not your first time then take all your W2 form copy. 
  14. Take tax related documents from your employer.
  15. Client letter is a must now a days. click here for Sample Client Letter For H1b | client letter format for h1b.

If possible wear formal cloths and be confident. Don’t bluff anything. If you do not know something then just answer like “I do not know”. After h1b visa approval. You should focus on collecting h1b stamping documents.

H1b Visa Stamping Process

There are mainly four steps in H1b Visa Stamping Process. Complete all these steps in order. It will be really easy.

  • Step 1: Fill DS160 form.

  • Step 2: Create account in US TRAVEL DOCS.

  • Step 3: Submit Fees.

  • Step 4: H1b visa stamping/interview appointment.

h1b stamping documents | h1b visa stamping process
h1b stamping documents | h1b visa stamping process

1. Fill DS160 form.

Go to the DS160 website. Click here for DS160 web site.Fill all your information about yourself and about your travel. If you have any doubt comment below. We will definitely help you.

2. Create account in US TRAVEL DOCS.

Once you submitted the DS160 form after carefully filling it. Go to us travel doc site. Click here for us travel docs. Here you need to create an account with your email id. you need to add phone number also. Your email and phone number is very important. You will receive all the visa stamping related information on the mentioned email and phone number.

 3. Submit Fees.

After creating account, you have to click on new application/schedule appointment. Here they will be asking your DS160 number. They will be generating an account number where you can pay the fee online. All the steps are straightforward. Just follow the on screen instructions.

4. H1b visa stamping appointment.

Before taking appointment you have to pay the visa fee. Once you pay the fee then only this tab will get activated. Once you paid the fee you can schedule appointment. You need to take two appointment.

  1. Bio-metric appointment.
  2. Interview appointment.

You will have to book bio metric appointment at least one day before h1b visa inter view. At the bio metric center they will take all your bio metric information and nothing else. You should carry your documents with you here also.

H1b visa stamping timeline.

If everything goes well, then you should get it withing 5 working days. But if something goes wrong then nobody can tell you how much time it will take. It is always better to plan as early as possible to avoid last minute hassle.

H1B Visa Stamping Form 221 (g).

If US embassy feels that they need more documents. Then they will give you form 221 (g). They will mark the link you need to send the mentioned documents and they will also mention the reason and documents required. 

Can i get my visa stamping in Canada or Mexico?

From 2019, you can get your visa stamped in Canada or Mexico for visa renewals only. Click this link for more info B1, B2, h4, f1, H1b visa stamping in Mexico and Canada.

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