H1b Dropbox Experience 2020

H1b Dropbox Experience 2020

H1b Dropbox Experience 2020

I’m going to share one of my friend’s H1b drop box stamping story as mine one was very simple. I just gave all my documents to my company in India and they sent those documents to the Chennai consulate and I got the visa stamping after four days. I just had to collect it from the collection center in Bangalore.

Let’s go to my friend’s case. He was also eligible for drop box but his h1b dropbox experience was horrible. So he sent all the relevant documents to the Delhi US consulate. But after four days he got an email saying that he must go for face to face interview.

So, if you are thinking that in case of Dropbox you don’t need to go to us consulate then you are wrong. It depends upon the officer and your background and supporting documents. If they see anything wrong then they will be calling you for face to face interview. They will will be giving you 221(g) form mentioning the reason and the next step.

So, my friend had to go face to face interview. Actually, you don’t need to schedule any interview. You should carry the 221(g) and directly go to the consulate during office hours. He was really worried about visa stamping. Anyone would be nervous if called by US consulate for face to face interview. But at the end he got his visa. Of course he had to change his plan as he had to attend the interview. He had to wait for another two weeks and reschedule flight.

If you are going for Dropbox, you should also consider this scenario. It is rare but we should be prepared for this. I hope you don’t have to go through this. All the best and have a great day. Please share your H1b Dropbox experience by commenting below and help others.

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  1. I am from Hyderabad and i was eligible for dropbox. So i sent my documents with passport to Hyderabad consulate. To my surprise i got my visa in 4 days. It is very simple and fast.


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