221g Interview After Dropbox 2022

221g Interview After Dropbox

221g interview after dropbox: Called for Interview after Dropbox

We will discuss about 221g Interview After Dropbox in this blog. Since September 1st, 2019, you will have to book appointment for Dropbox interview if you are eligible. It is mandatory. Most of the people get visa stamping through dropbox easily. The success rate is high. It is time saving and avoids travelling.

But sometimes you may not get visa using dropbox. We have observed that many people have got 221g and have been called for interview. One of my friend had similar situation and had to attend visa interview after he got 221g in dropbox. According to him, he had all the required documents but they called him for face to face interview.

What is the Timelines for H1b Dropbox Appointment and Interview :

My friend applied for H1B Dropbox Stamping at Chennai location. Unfortunately he received 221g letter to attend h1b visa interview. My friend was asked for only interview. Depending on cases, they might called for biometrics too. Below are the sequence of events that he shared with us.

  1. Documents submission: January 6, 2021

These are the documents he submitted for dropbox :

    1. Passport with valid pages
    2. DS-160 Confirmation page
    3. Copy of I-797 Approval.
    4. Passport photos(two copies)
  1. Case changed to administrative processing: January 8 2021

  2. Documents pickup: January 09, 2021

    1. They will only return passport along with the 221g form. The 221(g) form will have instruction for your next step. The letter will have your passport number  and your case number as well.
  3. H1b Visa interview: January 13, 2021

What Happens And What is the Process at the US Consulate for Visa Interview with 221g letter.

My friend told me that it was very easy process at the US consulate after they called you for interview. You don’t have to book an appointment for stamping. The 221(g) form will have instruction that you can directly go for the interview on any business days. Biometric was not needed for him. So it was very quick and easy for him. In most of the cases i don’t think they will ask for biometrics. I have never heard that they have asked for biometric after dropbox.

H1b Stamping Documents Checklist after 221g at Dropbox

You should carry all the possible documents. You can visit this link to read more about h1b documents. H1b stamping documents | h1b visa stamping process.

I am going to list out those documents that my friend carried with him after dropbox. Please visit the above link to see all the useful documents that you should carry with you for h1b stamping.

  1. I-797 Approval Copy
  2. Employment Verification Letter
  3. LCA
  4. All W2’s
  5. 3 Months Payslips
  6. 3 Months Bank Statements
  7. Client Letter

Hope it helps you. Please share your own experience of 221g Interview After Dropbox by commenting below or sending email @ taniyahsan@gmail.com.

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